Displacement - Gainsborough Works Installation - 2015

Collaboration between Dawn Jutton & Eliza Bennett.

Evolving from our shared sympathy for the factory we have come to occupy in its semi-abandoned state. Gainsborough Works, an old shoe factory is a sort of geometry of echoes. Imbued with the passage of time the remnants we’ve uncovered here have become talismans and relics of its story. The ghosts of the past seem rhythmically animated by the many feet that now come to dance upon the joists that once housed the machines and orderly rhythmic feet of productive workers.

Displacement, a site-specific installation, responds intuitively to the surrounding space, working with sculpture, industrial refuse and discarded objects, repurposing the gathered materials, to compose a loosely choreographed site that explores the psychologically charged artifacts, evoking both loss and transformation. Resulting in a meditation on displacement & belonging.…


The long factory room, lengthening with each step, as it disappears in the darkness.

The shadows of the day pass, across the room on the opposite wall.

Smudging fleeting marks, of lights caress upon the perceived inert totems.

There’s a faint scent of something otherworldly, lingering…

Fast diminishing with the odor of fresh paint and plaster.

Falling light pools in black robes of fabric across the floor,

Escorting the dead with its ghostly renderings

Leaning against the invisible,

Evening light arranges itself around the fallen leaves

And shadows lie at the feet of everything.