Hocus Pocus - ‘hoc est corpus meum’  2017

Dimensions: 122h x 175w x 120d cm (on floor)

                      56h x 28w x 43d cm (on wall)

Materials: Bible Paper, Charcoal, Graphite, Pins, Pine, Latex, Plaster, Wood, Salt

What exactly is a hoax? In and of itself the word is rather telling. Via a reference to a magical hocus-pocus (mock Latin) it harkens back to the key phrase of the Catholic Eucharist, hoc est corpus meum “here is my body”. – Michael Marder

Current works focus on the skin as a device for a wider exploration into ‘being’, acknowledging how clothing forms a protective and communicative skin. Using the recurring motif of fur as an original form of clothing, focusing on its potential to symbolize an embodied emotional state by hinting at the intersection between defense and vulnerability. I Employ a strategy poised between the artworks material and its conceptual signs, to present a collection of artifacts as cyphers for contemplation about concepts of embodiment, materiality and the sympathetic response as a kind of mimicry.