Binary Non? - Handmade Book - 2018

A compendium of computer dictation 'mistranslations' from Brian Massumi's Parables For The Virtual


A hand-bound book containing edited scans from the pages of Brian Massumi’s Parables for the virtual. What’s left of the original pages are the page number and the torn post-it note used to mark each area of particular interest. Onto these scanned and edited pages, I pasted the ‘mistakes’ which occurred as I read aloud from the book to my computers dictation option.

In Parables for the virtual, Massumi discusses how cultural theorists construct a grid upon which they pinpoint society and its members. He persuasively argues that the virtual gives us a way to move beyond that stultifying way of categorizing and thinking about society and culture which misses the ‘movement’ of lived experience. By providing examples of how the virtual as a creative and imaginary space offers a new way of engaging with the actual, flux, change, evolution and dissolution, which is the ongoing experience of living. 

The title; Binary Non? plays with narratives surrounding identity politics and binary/ non-binary discourse. In order to re-complicate the reductionism which occurs in trying to pin-point ‘subjects’.