Specious-Species, 2018 - Installation, variable dimensions.

Tall Tail - Birch branch, pine needles, latex, graphite, steel.

Faux-foe - Velvet, pins (steel, nickel, brass, gold plated)

Specious-Species; concerns Processes of transformation which expose the potential of the material medium as an intermediary to the imaginary. This is in keeping with my way of responding to the everyday things around me as a means of finding creative outcomes that result from a willed desire or inherent sensibility. The works on display, result from a general questioning about the state of apprehension in relation to something that isn’t immediately knowable… they remain in that moment prior to our asserting ‘it is this or that thing’. 

Engaging phenomenological experience and opening myself to receive impressions which are then responded to through resonant media, results in the creation of a set of ad-hoc cyphers and symbols that characterise my means of approaching this imaginative, creative embodiment. The intention expressing itself, is for the cultivation of a sentient engagement with the world.